Twigs and Twine is an exceptional place to find unique, custom-designed home furnishings and vintage home accents.   We work hard to find the pieces we would be proud to showcase in our own home.   All that said, we get two questions more than any other.  Hopefully this will help you out.

Can you do custom work on a piece of furniture I already own?


Yes!  Many of you have started off the conversation by saying something like this, "I have this dresser my parents gave me 10 years ago and it's a solid piece of furniture but it looks so dated." This is where we can help.  Twigs and Twine offers you the ability to custom color change your existing furniture into anything you would like! It saves you more money than buying new furniture and you design to your exact taste.  It's a win win! 


We offer pick up and deliver of items for a reasonable price.  The typical turn around time is around two weeks. 


What we need from you to give a quote:

1. Detailed pictures of the item with dimensions.

2. A brief description of what you would like done.


You can either text  602-625-5527 or email


*Disclaimer...although rare, quotes can change after evaluating the furniture in person before it is worked on. 



Do you buy furniture?


Yes!  We buy all types of things.  As a general rule, we prefer to buy solid wood furniture.  We will always pass on furniture purchased at a "big box" retail outlet.  But if you have a unique item that maybe looks a little dated, that's right up our alley.  We love taking older items and giving them new life.   You can make a little extra cash, clear some space, and know that you're fulfilling your social responsibility to recycle. It doesn't get any better than that!


What we need from you:

1. Detailed pictures of the item with dimensions.

2. Description of the condition and any issues that need attention (minor scratches are common).

3. How much you want for each item.

4. Your approximate location.


You can either text 602-625-5527 or email


*Disclaimer...purchase quotes can change after the item has been evaluated in person.  The offer is not binding until money has changed hands. 


I'm an Interior Designer and I'm looking for...


Twigs and Twine has had the privilege of working with some incredible interior designers.  If you are a designer and looking for something specific, please connect with us through phone, email, facebook, or all three.  We always keep a list of items to look for when shopping.  We'll text pictures before any purchases are made.  You have all creative freedom to mix and match colors or keep the item original.